Solar Desalination - 首航光热
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    Seawater Desalination is used to desalinate seawater to produce fresh water. Currently, the common methods of Seawater Desalination include seawater freezing, electro-dialysis, thermal distillation and reverse osmosis. Among them, it is thermal distillation that is applied first and most widely.

    The current method of solar thermal distillation uses scattered sunlight to heat seawater, which is low efficient and much costly. In CSP technology, scattered sunlight is reflected into a small area, and then concentrated sunlight is used to heat and distill seawater to produce fresh water. Solar Power Tower or Parabolic Trough is mainly used in Seawater Desalination as a heat or steam source.

    Sewage treatment is important issue for oil field. SunCan has developed technology combining CSP and LT-MED technology to provide customer the solution for sewage treatment of oil field. In this solution,  steam is produced by the solar steam generation system and then routed through the LT-MED system to produce distilled water, part of which is pumped back to the steam generation system to produce steam.


    Princple of SunCan's CSP-LT-MED System

    SunCan's team has proven expertise and experience in the combination of CSP and Seawater Desalination, Sewage Treatment Systems, and provides customers, whom use solar thermal distillation, with services including system integration and EPC.